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Hi I’m Mark Meyerdirk, I am a business consultant and attorney and I have been consulting with Entrepreneurs and business people for over 30 years. Our team takes time each day to listen and talk to entrepreneures for free to see if we can be of service.  If you need help, please read the information below and if you complete the 10 quesitons we have set out below we will contact you if we think we can be of service.  We will also send you some Free information which may be helpful for you in your business.

Before we get started however, here are some questions I want you to ask yourself.

  • Do I need capital to grow my business but don’t know how to get it?
  • Do I have a concept that I think could be franchised or licensed?
  • Do I need someone to coach me to the next level of my business?
  • Do I have a great business but I’m just plain stuck and don’t know what to do?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions then I would ask you to answer the 10 questions below. When I receive your answers, I will review them and either I or one of our Senior Consultants will get back with you if we think we can be of service.



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10 Quick questions to answer and send to Mark Meyerdirk.

1. What is your product or service
(e.g. we sell phone systems to businesses

or we sell personal coaching packages
to individuals)?


2. What are your gross annual revenues now
(or if you are just starting, what do you
think your revenues be in year 2)?


3. What are your financial goals for
the business for the next 12 months,
revenue and net profits before taxes

(e.g. $1,000,000 in total revenues and
$250,000 in net profits before taxes)?


4. How are you marketing and selling
your product or service now

(e.g. marketing with website and print
advertising and sales with
commissioned salesperson
on the phone)?


5. What are the two biggest challenges
that you want to resolve

(e.g. more sales, additional capital,
new management or staff, new products
or services to sell)?


6. What is your number one biggest
(e.g. a unique product, an
excellent service)?


7. Do you know what you would want
from a business consultant?
If so please explain:


8. Whether you know what you want
from a business consultant
or not, would an assessment of where
your business is today be helpful
charting a course for the future?


9. Are you excited about your
business and where it’s going or
is it a burden and do you wish you could
do something else

(p.s. either answer is fine, it’s just good
for us to understand)?


10. In the next 2 weeks what would be
the best 4 times for you to have
a 15-30 minute consulting call?

(Include your time zone)
Call date & time preference #1: 
Call date & time preference #2: 
Call date & time preference #3: 
Call date & time preference #4: 
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