Extended until September 21, 2010, Meyerdirk Consulting Group is providing a 50% discount to Companies and Individuals who want a professional business assessment and recommendations for the growth and development of their organizations. The normal fee is $995, Buy Now for $497!

Here is how it works:

1.     You click the Buy Now button above and purchase the IBAR program package for $497 (50% off the $995 price).
2.     We will send you an IBAR Questionnaire to complete online and once you’ve complteted it you hit "send" and return it to me.  
3.     I will review your IBAR Questionnaire with one of my Senior Consultants and one of us will make an appointment and call you on the telephone to go over your answers.  This helps us develop a strategy based on what you primary needs are.
4.     After our call with you we will create an IBAR Report which analyzes your data and the information generated from our call with you.  The Report also contains some recommendations about what we think you need to do and it also provides you new ideas and resources which will help you move your business forward.
5.     After we create the IBAR Report we call you again and to go over the IBAR Report with you and we answer your questions and provide additional ideas and suggestions.

Buy Now and receive a 50% discount.

We normally charge $995 for the Initial Business Assessment Report program (the “IBAR”). In appreciation of Mary Morrissey's support we are offering the IBAR for just $497, a 50% discount off our regular fee until September 15, 2010.

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