The Self-Actualized Entrepreneur:

Basic Program

Investment: SPECIAL PRICE ONLY $149! (Regular Price $249, $100 Discount if you Register in 72 hrs., by Friday May 6th.)
Program Term: Four (4) week program with Mark Meyerdirk.
Presentation: Live one (1) hour + Webinars, presentation and live Q&A.

Dates & Times: Beginning, May 17, 24, 31 and June 7. 6:00 pm Pacific (7 MST, 8 CST, 9 EST).
Access: Confirmation email with links to Webinars sent to
participant upon registration and for each Webinar.
(Webinars recorded for future access. Slides and
information available for free download).
Week One: What is Self-Actualization? What does it mean, why is it relevant?
  1. Maslow’s theory, what it is and how it applies to me.
  2. Bill Gates, Tony Hsieh, Chip Conley and others as examples of entrepreneurs who exemplify being Self-Actualized.
  3. Q & A

Week Two: The Big Obstacles for Entrepreneurs.
  1. Stages of development with entrepreneurs in their business and personal lives.
  2. Common reasons for why entrepreneurs get stuck. Identify your 7 Primary Obstacles.
  3. Common approaches for dealing with challenges in business and personal lives, and why they don’t work.
  4. Q & A

Week Three: Thinking Bigger; how to move beyond the problems.
  1. Using Maslow’s ideas and ideas of other Big Thinkers for making Quantum Leaps towards Self-Actualization.
  2. How these ideas are applicable to business and personal life.
  3. How Bill Gates, Tony Hsieh, Chip Conley and others did it?
  4. Q & A

Week Four: Tools to Apply Theory into Action.
  1. Reviewing and establishing core personal and business values.
  2. Creating your Plan; things you can do to move towards Self-Actualization:
a) Purpose, Vision and Goals
b) Budget and Business Plans
c) The power of the calendar; making time and resource commitments
d) Selecting the 5 NEW Patterns used by successful Self-Actualized Entrepreneurs to apply to your life and business.
      3.  Securing coaching and mastermind groups to support the change.
      4.  Q & A

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