Holidays Greetings
Dear Clients and Associates. 

I’m writing to wish you a Happy Holiday season and to send you my genuine wish for a prosperous and enlightening New Year.

I am humbled when considering the privilege I enjoy in providing service to so many successful business people like you who are also thoughtful and caring spirits.

This year has been a great building year for me.  From a personal stand point I have really enjoyed my three young grandsons and am anticipating a fourth grandson in March.  Nan and I have enjoyed spending some time with our kids and friends in San Francisco and LA and I have played a little more golf. 

I have had the opportunity to support the growth and capitalization of a number of new companies, and have started new work for many long time clients with very interesting projects.  Below you will get a flavor of the fun and diverse types of deals I been engaged to work on this year:
  • New enterprise software business; $10M capital raise.
  • New 240 unit $35M senior housing apartment project and $4M capital raise.
  • Purchase of $4M, three year old strip shopping center.
  • Development of a salt water disposal well in the oil fields of North Dakota.
  • The design of a series of $500M REIT Funds.
  • Creation of a “B corporation” (a new style of a socially conscious, public benefit private company).
  • Development and launch of a natural vitamin and supplement business with products designed and created by medical doctors practicing integrative health. 
  • Creation of a business model in South Africa and China for an internationally known author and speaker.
  • Creation of a $100M real estate development company that uses used cargo shipping containers as the basic construction component.
  • Creation of a direct selling company which sells energy drinks and magnetic bracelets.
  • Planning and support for two 501 (c)(3) foundations, one in the health care industry and the other with an environmental focus.
  • Design of a sale for a registered investment advisory business.
  • Creation of a franchise disclosure package for a 3,000 agent real estate brokerage business.
I sincerely hope that we will have another opportunity to work together again in 2013.  If you are looking for capital, selling or buying a business, creating a new business or in need of some new strategies for your current business, my team and I can provide sophisticated and diverse capabilities. We specialize in financial engineering, capital formation, complex business and real estate transactions, the design of financial securities, franchising and internet marketing.
I am so grateful for life’s blessings and for knowing and working with you. Let me know if I can help you with your business in 2013.  Also, if you’ve got a second, please send me back a quick email and share with me something new in your life, I’d love to hear from you. 
Peace be with you during the New Year.

P.S.  Please click here for a personal video greeting.