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Giving Back



Mark Meyerdirk’s wife Nan has lead and involved the Meyerdirk Family, our friends and many of the Company’s Clients in good work projects and mission trips throughout the world.

Since 1994 we have traveled to many foreign countries and also to places here in the U.S. to engage in working directly with the people we support financially. During these trips we have participated in child feeding programs in South Africa and Nicaragua, construction projects in rural Cuba, the west coast of Costa Rica, the jungles of Guyana and Mozambique, the volcano destroyed lands of Montserrat, in rural New Mexico, on a Native American reservation in Oregon, and in rural Appalachian Kentucky.

Clients including Bob Proctor and LifeSuccess Productions have assisted financially in supporting programs in Mozambique including the Hanhane Women’s Shelter – a home for elderly women who are alone and have been abandoned by their families and society.

The Company also supports the immigrant adult reading and education program of the Della Lamb Center in Kansas City with weekly volunteer efforts and financial support.

We also recommend support to client Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Foundation, dedicated to opening schools for children throughout the poorest areas of Africa, see: https://unstoppablefoundation.org/

If you would like to know more about these worthy causes, check out the websites or give us a call to discuss ways in which you can make a difference.

For further information contact Mark Meyerdirk: 913-608-4236 or mmeyerdirk@meyerdirkconsulting.com