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Business Consulting - CEO & Management Coaching

MCG provides customized business consulting and coaching solutions to Company management and human resources departments.

We consult on specific issues including:

  • Corporate finance considerations.
  • Marketing and sales analysis and support.
  • Operational and systems analysis and support.
  • Human resources analysis and support.

We also provide a variety of coaching services to organizations including:

  • CEO and executive coaching (when you need someone outside of the Company to help you at a higher level).
  • Team coaching for management or groups within the Company.
  • Coach training for Company trainers.
  • Strategic planning for management teams and Boards.

With an understanding of your Company’s purpose, vision and goals, we use our knowledge and experience to help you determine which consulting or coaching offerings may be appropriate and effective for your organization.

CEO Coaching and Consultation

Our CEO coaching is done by Mark Meyerdirk, he typically works directly with the CEO once a month on-site in the company offices for 1 ½ to 2 days each month. At the start of the engagement, the CEO and Mark will outline the objectives for the engagement and create a project list and critical path for their work together. During the engagement, Mark typically works for a few hours each week on the project list and conducts a weekly call with the CEO of 1 ½ to 2 hours.  These weekly calls are conducted at the same time each week to report on the progress of the projects and to hold the CEO accountable for his or her responsibility related to the work. Mark’s network of well connected specialists and experts throughout the world support the creation of effective solutions for Company and the CEO.

Team and Management Coaching

We understand that Management is responsible for producing results, improving performance, developing leaders, building organizational strength, and changing paradigms to achieve objectives and business success. We will partner with you and as become a part of you organizational support and resource team. We will work with the management team or groups within the Company to support the development of a project or to work “on the business” while management works “in the business.”

Internal Coach Training

If you have a training department and need outside training for your internal trainers, we provide “Train the Trainer” programs that will support and enhance your internal training process. We use a number of well known generic training programs will also customized trainings your Company.

Strategic Planning Services.

We also offer strategic planning services related to:

  • Merge and acquisition strategies.
  • Consultation regarding business valuation.
  • Board and stockholder issues.
  • Ownership transition, family business considerations and death and succession planning.
  • Interim executive officer services.
  • Financial modeling, budgeting and analysis.
  • Credit analysis, cash flow management and liquidity analysis.

Our fees for business consulting and or coaching are provided on a flat fee or hourly basis.

For further information contact Mark Meyerdirk: 913-669-5800 or Contact Us