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Consultation Services for Speakers, Writers & Content Experts

Since 1995, Mark Meyerdirk has been a partner and legal advisor for a number of professional speakers and personalities in the personal growth and human potential market. He has also worked with a number of speakers who are not clients on business projects, joint ventures and program initiatives. His project associates have included Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Jane Willhite, Loral Langemeier, Paul Martinelli, John Assaraf, Shore Slocum, Mark Victor Hansen, Tom Feltenstein, Cynthia Kersey and others.

MCG works with its Clients on a variety of projects related to monetizing the Client’s intellectual property, developing a brand, enhancing sales and bringing order to the business.

Typical project services include:

  • Business consulting and financial analysis
  • Budgeting and accounting support
  • Legal support and contract preparation
  • Entity structuring
  • Project management services
  • Creating new intellectual properties (e.g. DVDs, workbooks, CDs, etc.)
  • Book writing and production.On-line learning systems
  • Conference call and webinar programs
  • Keynote speaking
  • Seminar productions and events (corporate engagements, boot camps, etc.)
  • Train the trainer programs
  • Continuity and auto-ship programs
  • List building and joint venture sales initiatives
  • Product launches
  • Brand development
  • Copyrighting and sales letters
  • Art direction and design services
  • Public relations services
  • Market analysis and strategies, including all forms of Internet and viral marketing
  • Strategic planning and exit strategies

We conduct a free initial consultation to assess the needs of the Client and determine what services MCG can provide to support their business. The initial consultation includes a written evaluation report which will identify suggestions for the business. If there is a mutual interest in proceeding together based on the evaluation, the Client and Mark meet to line out a scope of service, a timeline for the engagement and a fee commensurate with the service to be provided. We have a significant group of affiliated service providers with vast experience in the personal growth and human potential industry with whom we can consult or simply call upon for assistance.

Our fees for Professional Speaker consulting are provided on a flat fee or hourly basis.

For further information contact Mark Meyerdirk: 913-669-5800 or Contact Us